Animal Ski Resort Mod Apk (A lot of money)

Animal Ski Resort Mod Apk
Animal friends go skiing after enjoying the hot bath in the “Animal Hot Spring”!
“Animal Ski Resort” is an idle management game where you can run a ski resort and decorate a winter mountain cabin covered in snow. Animals who want to enjoy skiing or sledding visit this ski resort. Lend the equipment of their choice to collect acorns. Get the maximum combo by starting as many animals as possible at the same time to acquire more acorns. Pick your favorite animal and dress it in cute ski clothes.
Decorate the empty cabin to make it cozy. Lay the carpet and install a fireplace. Buy a board game and various musical instruments to play. You can find joy at the moment when the animals can be found singing and chatting inside. There is a big buffet prepared for tired animals after playing hard.

■ Game Features
– Easy and simple idle management game
– Cute animals riding various types of equipment, including skis, sleds, snowboards, huge tubes, and even snowballs
– Try to reach the maximum combo by starting as many animals as possible at the same time
– Various types of decoration available, including ski resort background, mountain cabin, restaurant and even clothes for individual animals
– Enjoy the petite ‘Animal Hot Spring’ with a small outdoor hot spring

■ How to play
– Drag and drop the animals coming from the lift into the snowfield.
– Drag and drop the skis or sleds that each animal wants to ride.
– The acorn floats above the animals ready for departure. Touch to get acorns and take off!
– Send many animals down at once to achieve a higher combo and get more acorns.
– Send the Manager cat to town and invite more animals to the ski resort.
– Dress each animal in matching hats, gloves and mufflers. The animal wearing the clothes will exactly appear on the ski slope.
– The more winter decorations and entertainment you set up in your cabin, the more acorns you will get.
– Reach a certain level to open a restaurant and serve a buffet meal to hungry animals.
– Hire Staff cat to efficiently manage the ski resort.

Animal Ski Resort Mod Apk (A lot of money)

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