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Animal Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Unlock all levels)

Animal Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk
Animal Epic Battle Simulator is a free epic battle simulator for your fun.

There are angry animals in the forests and African deserts. They are fighting for supreme leadership of the forests and deserts. So It is your duty to help your team to gain control in the battle in this free epic animal battle simulator game.

There are 11 animals so far. They are crow, seagull, lion, wolf, fox, bear, crocodile, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephant, and boar. Place them accurately and cleverly. They all have different power, life, stamina, and speed. So check them and use them wisely.

There are 36 battles so far. 18 in forest and 18 in the desert. You will firstly, deploy your wild animals based on their prices and your gold. Check enemy and after all of them, start a battle. If you win the battle you can simply pass to a new level and play it.

Animal Epic Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Unlock all levels)