Zen Koi Mod Apk (SPEED mod)

Zen Koi Mod Apk
Grow, breed, and collect colorful Koi on the journey to peaceful transcendence in a new, stylish experience from LandShark Games Zen Koi. With soothing gameplay and a meditative soundtrack by Sovereign System and SFX by IMBA, Zen Koi is a unique blend of sluggish action and strategic collection. Level your Koi by chasing and consuming various kinds of animated little fish. Find another Koi and breed to make rare patterned offspring. Progress along the path of mythological expansion, guiding your Koi towards the final ascension to the shape of a dragon.

Zen Koi Feature:
- Free to play
- Soothing and intuitive gameplay
- unique smooth flowing action
- The soothing atmosphere and beautiful environment toned
- Hundreds of types of Koi for collection, including hard to find rare items
- Share Koi patterns with friends

Zen Koi Mod Apk (SPEED mod)

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