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Uncrowned Mod Apk (menu mod/ dumb enemy/ Turn on before battle) + Obb

Uncrowned Mod Apk
Uncrowned Mod Apk UNCROWNED is a real-time strategy game created in a fantasy world based on medieval Europe, which focuses on battles where more than 200 soldiers and characters are known as heroes involved in combat.
Encouraged by their desire to "play a more strategic game", the developers created a game where players could carry out small battles to guard and take over maps and various geographical features such as forests, bridges, open fields, lakes, and hills. In this innovative game, players can enjoy the best mobile strategy games.

Not only is the game that offers a brief recreational battle, but it is also supported by aspects of the simulation game because players can spend their time gradually developing their territory. Players, who are the rulers of this medieval fantasy world, must recruit many heroes and try to make their names known throughout the country.

■ Expand your territory and train your hero!
Train the heroes you have recruited so that they are more effective on the battlefield! Customize equipment, receive gifts from heroes, open treasure chests, expand your territory ... there are many things to do!

■ Victory on various battlefields!
Play with players from all over the world! Soldiers and heroes join the war and whoever has the most control is the winner! Not only swordsmen but also witches and archers, all kinds of heroes meet on this intense battlefield!

■ Recruit heroes at the tavern!
Go for a post-battle drink and meet the hero! How much silver you offer is up to you ...?

Uncrowned Mod Apk (menu mod/ dumb enemy/ Turn on before battle) + Obb