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The Survival Hunter Games 2 v1.150 Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ ENEMY FREEZE)

The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod Apk The Survival Hunter Games 2 is a blockbuster hit loaded with new and even better features!

We are an advanced civilization. One that has survived and even developed from doomsday. We are a world with a strong foundation in technical progress and another world that boasts the ability to open portals to other dimensions. This is done to study the effects of various consequences and alternative realities. It seems that the trial is quite safe with all safety precautions taken, but then the unthinkable thing happens. After the support system is glitched during a massive power failure, a safety shield that makes the portal inaccessible to both sides is lowered, and the vacuum rips some agents from their station, trapping them in this changing dimension ...

When one of these agents is sucked into the portal, you are now trapped in a dimension where the world is drastically different, and all because of the choices made by a handful of men a few millennia ago. This world is a dangerous place full of danger at every turn. You must stay alive in this bleak world until help reaches you ... IF help can reach you.

This game comes full of some amazing features! Our new game interface is very user-friendly and offers easy-to-play touch screen controls that allow you to easily run, jump, crouch, run, reload, aim, shoot, and more! The new menu screen includes the selection of the map style level and the settings screen. Get game insights between maps as you load with the tip screen, and start each game with mission-style instructions! Before you start your first level, you will be asked to watch a short video advertisement to get an increase in power. You can choose not to watch, but you will lose profits. As soon as the game starts, the integrated timer will start counting down your time. If you can defeat a level in the allotted time, you will get a permanent weapon. If you don't win against time, you can still advance through the game, only without permanent weapons. Fight with stronger and smarter enemies, make this game a battle of intelligence, stealth, and intense skills! Enjoy hand-to-hand combat and precision aimed at bringing down enemies. Collect your yellow weapons and get ready to aim and shoot !!

- Friendly interface with touchpad controls
- timer
- Strength increases
- Ammunition and collecting weapons
- Jump, squat and run
- entity map
- Mission orders
- Hand brawl

The Survival Hunter Games 2 v1.150 Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ ENEMY FREEZE)