The Pet Doctor’s Secret Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

The Pet Doctor’s Secret Mod Apk
■ Synopsis ■

Life on campus is quite normal until one day, your cat is sick and you have to take him to the nearest animal hospital. They can't find what's wrong, but they suggest you take your cat to a hospital that is rumored to be able to cure anything. Two very handsome doctors and an energetic receptionist seem to be the only staff, but miraculously, they can help your cat in no time! You decide to take a part-time job at the hospital, but there is only one rule ... Never peak into the operating room while they are working!

But one night, you accidentally walked in them in the operating room and discovered their secret. They have ears and tails! It seems that their secret is that they can talk to animals because they themselves are part of animals! Now that you know their secrets, you have decided to help them solve all pet problems, but can you solve the mystery of their heart?

■ Character ■

Alpha Wolf - Miguel

This doctor is a part of the wolf and can be harsh with his words, but he has a deep love for animals and will do anything to help them. He does not fully trust humans and does not like their practice of "buying" animals. Can you help him overcome his mistrust in humans ...?

The Calm Fox - Jaxon

Jaxon is a fox-section and also a doctor at the hospital. Generally calm and mature, he is very interested in human behavior and always learns it in the hope of full understanding. But can you help him understand the emotions of human love ...?

Friendly Cat - Ash

Ash is a receptionist at the hospital and although he looks friendly and relaxed on the surface, he actually struggles to become a cat-part. He hopes he can be fully human, but can you help him find pride in his uniqueness?

The Pet Doctor’s Secret Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

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