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The idolmaster Million Live Theater Days Mod Apk

The idolmaster Million Live Theater Days Mod Apk
Introducing Copyright Regarding the new "Idol Master million live"!

765 live theater (theater) for the professional stage,
765 produced the idol Million All-Stars!
Live or work on the stage, through theater communication,
Idol "more Fureaeru" element miss!

◆ theater ◆
In the theater, represented in 3D
The entrance, office, dressing room and four waiting rooms there.
Enjoy listening to idle casual conversations with each other to spend time in each room,
Sometimes we are unemployed to talk to yourself!

Direct ◆ ◆
Live performances that have been stated in 3DCG are things to see!
Choose Part Two!

"Direct Unit"
The number of notes is available in three types 2, 4, 6!
Also, withdraw the appeal if the time is touching well!

"Solo life"
Live solo to enjoy the vertical screen, and really pay attention to one favorite idol, good friends become an opportunity!
The number of lines in the specifications that can be rotated also with one hand is only 2!

◆ cultivate unemployed ◆
Increase standby in "lessons"!
It would further appeal the appeal of "awakening" not idle!

1. No Damage
2. Always Perfect (Adjustable)
3. Autoplay (Adjustable)

The idolmaster Million Live Theater Days Mod Apk