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Tail Gun Charlie Mod Apk (Unlimited currency/Unlock paid version)

Tail Gun Charlie Mod Apk
Man the tail gun in this WWII action / arcade shooter! Use the gyroscope or touch screen of your cellphone to aim your weapon, and touch one of the red buttons to open fire.

The weapon! Display your twin, 50-cals to defend your guide against the growing waves of Axis fighters.

Plane! Me-109s, FW-190s, Bf-110s, anything that Axis can throw at you.

Life! You only get 5. After 5 enemy fighters make it past your defense, the game ends for you and your flight crew.

Ammo! As in unlimited, you will never run out! Pay attention to how hot your weapon is; if they overheat, the enemy will not wait for them to cool before swooping in to kill.

This game is very demanding graphics, which means it will use up your battery happily. Do not play if you are without a charger and wait for a call from the hospital to let you know that your new kidney has arrived.

If you aim using a gyroscope and drift out of the direction (or you want to face in a different direction), simply point your cell phone to where it should be "center" and press the Align button at the bottom left.

Tail Gun Charlie Mod Apk (Unlimited currency/Unlock paid version)