Tactical War: Tower Defense Game Mod Apk

Tactical War: Tower Defense Game Mod Apk
Tactic Defense - is an interesting strategy, a classic example of a tower defense game. This military-style hard game is made for fans of TD games who like to think of every action. Like many fighting games, the Tactic Defense game requires quick thinking, careful planning, and not forgiving mistakes.

In this TD game, you are a fortified bunker commander, lost in space and time. Your goal is to defend the base in any way, using weapons and secret technology during World War II. You will build tower defenses, fight back infantry, motorized and division tanks from cruel and artsy enemies.

War games aren't the most careless hobbies. Basic protection requires your attention and difficult decisions every second, your defense towers need continuous improvement. To succeed in this challenging TD game you must keep in mind the skills received in all the strategy games you have played.

War strategy games and especially TD games require quick thinking and accurate coordination of all actions. And you must accept the rules of this challenging battle game - it is your goal to save the only shelter with the help of tower defense.

The main features of the game Tactic Defense:
- Accurately supported "military" style of war strategy games (special "gray" style weakens your colorful monotony!)
- 4 types of tower defense with upgrades
- Special abilities will help in difficult game situations
- Destroy landscape objects to build perfect defense towers (make a contribution to environmental disasters!)
- 15 balanced levels (and more to come!)
- music and atmospheric effects
- Text hints between levels will help you achieve victory in this tower defense game
- Intuitive controls and easy to use
- 8 different types of enemies with their own strong and weak sides

Endless money in the hangar;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod, where you can enable the increase in money during spending during the battle (use after training).

Tactical War: Tower Defense Game Mod Apk

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