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Supernatural Sweethearts Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

Supernatural Sweethearts Mod Apk
Fight the devil and protect the one you love with the help of the Oni girls!

☆ Synopsis ☆

Life isn't super exciting in middle school, but things aren't that bad. Especially with a funny childhood friend to hang out. But one day after soccer practice, you find a strange piece of paper with ancient writing on the wall. You get a strange feeling from it and decide to pull it off the wall. If only you knew it was the only thing holding back evil spirits from taking over your school!

With monsters that are free to escape now, everything seems far more dangerous! Luckily, you don't have to fight alone ... Two girls who are part of the ancient supernatural clan Oni are here to help you fight!

Can you fight monsters and save the school? Can you protect your friends? Can humans and Oni fall in love? Find out at Supernatural Sweethearts!


Remi – The Tsundere Oni
Remi is one of the last remaining members of a clan of Oni and came to the human world to fight the monsters you accidentally released. She’s a little terse at first, but once you get to know her, you realize she has a much softer side. However, it seems that you bear a striking resemblance to someone that she fell in love with in the past…

Megumi – The Proud Oni
Megumi was raised alongside Remi and trusts her deeply when it comes to fighting monsters. She’s a proud warrior and has the skills to match, but she can be a little too confident at times. If you’re able to prove your worthiness as a fighter, she might just show you a different side to herself.

Shizuku – The Childhood Friend
Kind-hearted and mild-mannered, Shizuku has been your friend as long as you can remember. While she doesn’t have any special powers, she does her best to help you and the two Oni fight off the monsters! Rumor has it that she’s got a thing for you.

Supernatural Sweethearts Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)