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Steal my Heart Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices)

Steal my Heart Mod Apk
■■ Synopsis ■■
You are a young woman working in a museum and the daughter of a philanthropic archeologist who disappeared a few years ago on an expedition to find some legendary magic jewels. This jewelry is said to contain mysterious powers that can grant people who find any wish, and your father is dedicated to finding the truth. One night while closing the museum, a strange guest entered and mentioned your father. But you immediately feel threatened by this interesting yet scary stranger, and at the same time, a mysterious, handsome young man appears and tells you to go "to a safe place ..." Then, you find yourself in a secret hiding place that is surrounded by three attractive men, including your savior, who is determined to protect you, and find the same jewelry your father is looking for! Can they hold the key to your father's whereabouts, and his research secrets? How do they know him, and what do they know about jewelry? Also, who is the strange figure who entered the museum? What secret do these people know? And why do they all want YOU? In one important day, you soon find yourself pushed into a new world full of secrets, magic, mysteries, and the hidden world of the legendary Ghost Thief. This thief has long been known to steal various artifacts ... but which one can steal your heart?

■■ Character ■■
・ Alexei
A passionate but selfish character, Alexei just wants to protect you in a special way. He likes attention, and will do anything to get your attention! Cunning, talented, and skilled with his hands, he is good at making bait and finding his way around secret places. However, will this protective thief be able to steal his way to your heart?

・ Jay
Jay is a cool and mature thief at a local cafe with some secrets of his own. But don't let his introspective personality fool you - he always thinks of you first and foremost! He has no time for games, and will do anything to keep you safe! But what is he hiding? Will you be the one to open your heart?

・ Damon
This witty man prefers to let his money talk. A successful entrepreneur from a young age, this classy thief knows how to use his expertise (and funds) to get useful info, and of course, keep you safe! But there are some things that can't be bought with money. Can he pay the price of your heart?

Steal my Heart Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices)