Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno Mod Apk (Unlimited Moves)

Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno Mod Apk
Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno Mod Apk When you wake up at the gates of Hell and you don't remember anything except that you have to find answers to your questions ... And here they are, these answers, here, outside the gates of Hell, you seem to be in a "worse" situation from the previous".

But what if the hell we know isn't like what it really is? What if all the books on earth were only to frighten ordinary people? What if Satan is not a fanged, evil-tailed creature, but a seductive girl (only with a small deviation from worldly standards)? What if the boiling resin pots are not designed to torture sinners, but for SPA treatments. And what if the coolest and most popular parties are held in Hell?

Do you dare to enter? Will you have the courage to go through all the circles of Hell and conquer the charming people of Hell with your perseverance and charisma? Are you smart enough to get the answers you are looking for? After all, for this, you need to do the personal tasks of the cute female devils and reach the girl Lucifer. You must use all available methods to get what you want: intelligence, temptation, reason, humor, charm ... what else do you have in store? Soul? Ha ha ha! Hold now. This is not a best-selling product (and the damn man who first appeared with such nonsense).

Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno features:
* Unusual colorful hell locations
* Interesting assignments and extraordinary tests
* Charismatic demonstrations that flirt with whom there is something to chat with
* Another fun world story with a bit of a romantic bias

Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno Mod Apk (Unlimited Moves)

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