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Shining Arena Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy) + Obb

Shining Arena Mod Apk
Shining Arena is a compact, unlimited MOBA. Tap to start the Great 4v4 War God Clash!

—— MOBA without lane limit
New compact gameplay removes traditional boundaries and tracks boundaries. All the excitement in team battles!
Various map mechanisms with crystal battles. io, Defeat the Baron & Drake to win!

——4v4 fair play
There is no hero development, no paid attributes. Enjoy a fair game, win with your operation!

——God clash in your palm
A refreshing cartoon with the coolest battle effects, creating a huge battlefield for God's clashes, reproducing the legendary battle of each God!

——10 minutes quick match
Ten-minute rounds, fast matching, and easy fight! Get a rollercoaster fight!

—— Smooth operation, the impression of all
Simple, easy and smooth operation. Run and combo, last flip, legendary performance, waiting to be impressed!

——Various modes and challenges
In addition to basic 4V4, a number of different modes, such as unlimited fire and crazy speed, are all for your choice!

Shining Arena Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy) + Obb