Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave Mod Apk

Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave Mod Apk
Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave Mod Apk【Introduction to Application】
Thank you for the 1 year anniversary! Besides the Shogun and Sagittarius Seiya who appeared in the Poseidon edition, st familiar. Warriors appear in Saint Seiya, appearing one after another, like a Golden Saint Cloth wearing holy clothing that appears in the Golden Soul, is ongoing!

■ The scene name TV animation is revived on the screen -
You can enjoy a CV by beautiful voice actors that appear in successive TV series such as famous songs such as fantasy Pegasus, Tenma Constellation star arrows (CV: Seiichi Morita), Viraka Shaka (CV: Yuji Mitsuya).

■ Unbearable battles can be enjoyed with simple tap operations!
Pegasus Meteor Fist and Lightning Plasma etc., Killer techniques that are familiar with Soldiers can be activated with a simple tap operation! Furthermore, with the new "Seven Senses Awakening" function, I will be able to strengthen St. my favorites

■ Stories for the Poseidon edition, and for the Hades edition!
After the fight with the golden saint wrestler arranged in the golden zodiac, the story continues into the battle between the sea god Poseidon and the navy general. Furthermore, the "Hades Hendes edition" set in the underworld will be coming soon! Together with Athena, defeat stubborn enemies!

2. One Hit Kill
3. God Mode
4. Unlimited Skills
PvE – PvP

Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave Mod Apk

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