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Royal Idle: Medieval Quest Mod Apk

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest Mod Apk
Royal Idle: Medieval Quest Mod Apk A thousand years ago, the Emerald Kingdom was a vast land where the Faeries lived with humans. But our ancestors angered the Faerie Kings, who used their powerful magic to raise high mountains around their territory, sealing humans out of their land.
Some who tried to climb the mountain again with the story of war, dragons, spirits, major disasters, and the fall of the faerie civilization.

But then, last spring's earthquake opened a new gap through the Forbidden Valley and into the ruins of the Emerald Kingdom.

As king or queen of this country, you will summon the boldest subjects to follow you to unknown places, build prosperous new cities, and explore secret valleys in search of trinkets and magical treasures.

Glory awaits, Your Majesty! Explore the Forbidden Valley and build your kingdom to unlock the secrets of the fallen kingdom.


★ AUTO your business and get unlimited gold when you are offline πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
★ INVEST YOUR gold idle into your cities and watch your gold multiply πŸ€‘
★ COLLECT unique characters to help strengthen your city πŸ’ͺ⚔️
★ EXPLORE new settlements and continue your journey, one village at a time: horses:
★ COMPETE in special events to reach the top of the leaderboards πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

1. Anti Cheat
2. Upgrade Card cost 1
3. Upgrade Cost 0

Royal Idle: Medieval Quest Mod Apk