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Q & A RPG Magician with Black Wits v4.4.4 Mod Apk

Q & A RPG Magic with Black Wits Mod Apk "Q&A Magic RPG and Black Witz" is the use of summoning elves and correct answers to fight "puzzle quiz type RPGs", the background of the game in the use of magical fantasy space, players play miracles to be made, in the vast world of Black Cat Viz, a fantastic adventure story with the aim of becoming a top-class miracle!

Ame Gives a basic introduction
"Art", "Science", "Science and Technology", "Animation and Games", "Sports" and "Life Tips" for players to choose the right answer will wake up sleeping wizards, giving enemy blows!

‧ In a bank localization a funny question
From a carefully planned local operations team, in line with Taiwan, Hong Kong, the super-interesting topic of Macau, to make sure you put it down! Four topics, sorting, picture questions ... and other rich questions, subvert your gaming experience!

Elf enhancement and evolution
400+ types, more than 2,000 super-elves will be upgraded and developed to show the presence of players, the elves have "answering skills" and "killing skills", the way to produce the most suitable for your team, or through evolution. Produce an unbeatable team, test the same discretion of the players yo!

‧ The wisdom of national player duels
Equipped with online players and other players from the system - "National Competition" and "Magic Guide Cup."
And the country players with a Question and Answer duel, competing for ranks to get high prizes and handicapped Mo Dao, and constantly improving themselves and other players below the higher!

‧ Play games with your friends
"Gate Defender" is a new collaborative model. This game is played from time to time. In the game, players can become friends with each other and help each other.

menu mod
>Instantly Win Battle (may not grant 3* completion on some stages)

Q & A RPG Magician with Black Wits v4.4.4 Mod Apk