Pro Billiards 3balls 4balls Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

Pro Billiards 3balls 4balls Mod Apk
Many users enjoy gesture sports and you can enjoy this offline game on your mobile device.

[How to play]
- Rotate the cue stick clockwise or counterclockwise by dragging it around the white ball.
- Pressing the pool table can change the direction of the cue to the pressed position.
- The right scroll lever on the screen can be operated to perfect the rotation of the gesture.
- Press the ball-shaped button at the top of the UI to rotate the white ball.

[Game Features]
- Multiplay supported by users all over the world
- Pillows supported and game 4 ball rules
- Available to challenge various stages.
- Available to get a pool cue as a stage gift.
- Challenge mode to record high scores in a row game.
- Can be upgraded cue stick capabilities
- Supported two player-mode which provides two players to be played in one device.
- Achievements and leaderboard supported
- Supported for 16 languages.

Pro Billiards 3balls 4balls Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

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