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Pocket Plants Mod Apk

Pocket Plants Mod Apk
Combine your plants to unlock dozens of new funny pieces as you revitalize several different worlds. Charming characters will help you in your adventure by giving you different tasks to complete for great rewards. You can even connect your cellphone or Fitbit to help generate more energy when you exercise!


* Gather them all! - Grow hundreds of truly adorable plants as you mix and match different species to evolve new ones.

* Character cast - Harvest plants for charming NPCs and complete their orders to get attractive prizes!

* Powerups - Open pumpkins by completing orders to research dozens of unique powerups.

* Explore - Inhale back to some magical world as you find more types of plants.

* Healthy Twist - Connect your cellphone or Fitbit and turn your steps into free energy in the game!

Unlimited use of currency
Currency use is not reduced

Pocket Plants Mod Apk