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Office Riot – Funny Idle Simulator Mod Apk

Office Riot – Funny Idle Simulator Mod Apk
You come to your work and see evil bosses every day. They torture the entire office with daily chores, making you write lots of documents and do unnecessary work at the company. Do you want to have fun at the office? Let's go! This blank clicker is for you.

We found many funny torments for any situation. Your co-workers from the office will help you! There are special «surprises» for evil bosses on every floor of the company. Here you can do more than in other idle clickers!

Build all the work for punishment in the office area of ​​five floors. Torture your boss, have fun and call employees to help. Collect as many office items as possible to torture and expand the company's area. You can replace everything now.

Find new torments, hire more employees. The more income, the more entertainment. Collect income with one click! You can deride your boss in this idle clicker as much as you like.

Game Features:
 Endless gameplay;
 Five large floors of entertainment and many office buildings for you;
 Funny items unique torment;
 Many ways to get revenge on an evil boss;
 Each new torture gives you more money and bonuses in the game.

The mandatory use of gold coins to unlock the scene
Force the use of banknotes to accelerate the unlock scene and purchase gold coins (you need to play a game to buy gold coins to purchase)

When you use enough gold coins to upgrade, the gold coins will not decrease

Office Riot – Funny Idle Simulator Mod Apk