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My Magical Girlfriends Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

My Magical Girlfriends Mod Apk
You have the strange power to see other people's aura. One day, on your way to university, you find a girl who radiates a mysterious, rainbow-colored aura. You decide to follow her, only to find out that she is actually ... a magical girl ?! The girl introduced herself as Elise, and now that you've revealed her secret, you won't be able to leave for free. You finally helped him do homework for his magic school, along with his two relatives. But stepping into the world of magic isn't all fun in the game, because you soon find yourself caught in a battle between Elise and her unfriendly rival ...

Elise is a perfectionist that tries to take care of everything by herself. She might seem harsh at first, with her favorite word to shout at you is, “idiot”! But under her sharp exterior, she’s just a girl who wants to do the best in everything that she can. As you grow closer to Elise, you feel a strange sense of deja vu. Could you have met her somewhere in the past…?

She might look like just an ordinary rabbit, but Effie used to be a stuffed animal! Treated badly by her previous owner, Elise found Effie thrown away and saved her with magic, turning Effie into her familiar. As a result, Effie has a deep distrust for humans and is constantly on edge. Will you be able to open her heart?

Bearing the appearance of a mouse, Charlotte is Elise’s familiar with a lighthearted personality. In contrast to Elise’s seriousness and Effie’s timidness, Charlotte has the power to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. She is quick to warm up to people, including you, of course!