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My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices)

■■ Synopsis ■■
When you return home one day, moans from the dark interrupt your shortcut through the park. When you approach, you see a girl who falls on the grass. You carefully approach and immediately realize that he is bleeding to the ground!
You are approaching now with fear and trembling in your mind when the girl suddenly takes your hand. The next words that came out of his mouth were outrageous. "Please give me some of your blood." he moaned. Shocked and scared, you listen to your first instinct to escape. However, before you get too far, you feel guilty for leaving the bleeding girl there and returning to her side.
You strengthen your resolve before thrusting your neck towards the girl. The next thing you know, you are lost in the unconscious.
The next morning, you see that you are awake in your bed at home. You immediately believe that everything that happened yesterday must be a strange dream. That is ... until you saw the girl from yesterday - Alice when you found out she was called - sat in your living room and ate a donut.
After this incident, everything changed. Your classmates Seychelles and Merle - who are from the demon world - start trying and get closer to you. Then begin your exciting new life!


◆ Alice
Alice is a typical “tsundere” dragon girl with a sassy attitude that is used to disguise her cute embarrassment. Sometimes, she also lacks a bit of common sense. In order to regain the authority of the Dragon tribe, she was fighting against the gods who rule the demon world and the human world. She was gravely injured in the fight and fell into the human world where you found here. She does seem to have a bit of a patronizing attitude at times but does feel indebted to you. While in the human world, she ate donuts for the first time and soon named them as her favorite food.

◆ Seychelles
Seychelles is your classmate and often seems to be a bit caught up in her own world. You find out that she is actually a dragon. She was living in peace but was criticized by her dragon tribe and accused of throwing away her pride as a member of the dragon tribe. She comes to the human world and decides to live as a human being. She loves spicy foods and always eats while crying.

◆ Merle
Merle is a sweet, “little sister”-like a dragon. She found out that Alice had fallen into the human world and has come from the demon world to bring her back. She believes in the gods who maintain the peace between the demon and human worlds. She tries to seriously complete her mission but is a bit of a clutz.

My Dragon Girlfriend Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices)