Mouse Simulator – Wild Life Sim Mod Apk

Mouse Simulator – Wild Life Sim Mod Apk
Feel your life as a wild mouse in our new Mouse Simulator!
You are a small wild mouse with your own house, campsite, and family. Gathering resources is what you like the most!
Several amazing locations were opened to be explored in this mouse game - wild forests and tropical islands.

The location of the house consists of your house and your campsite. The house has several rooms that you can open. You can decorate your home with lots of cute and unique items! You can also decorate your yard or a large camp. Special external objects can be placed there. Your wild rat family will live here.

In this mouse game, you can complete the search and exchange it for the resources needed to unlock furniture and decoration items.
Resources are scattered in various locations and you must find it in this mouse simulator to complete the search. Quests also give you experiences that will allow you to unlock new types of items! In some locations, you might find wild animals like cats, dogs, wolves so you have to escape if you want to win this animal simulator!

Unlimited Chests
You can buy chests from the store even if you do not have the money

Mouse Simulator – Wild Life Sim Mod Apk

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