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Meong Mart – Cat Adventure Mod Apk (ONE HIT)

Meong Mart – Cat Adventure Mod Apk
Unleash your daily routine to the quiet cat village at Meong Mart! Go on an adventure with Coco, the amnestic cat turns into a mart manager, to help Tory's mart from failure.
Meong Mart is a fun simulation game where you will help Coco to increase the benefits of mart. You need to expand your product on the market. But before that, you also need to grow your own products on the farm.

Before being available in English, Meong Mart first gained popularity in Korea. Cute cats have gained Korean attention for a long time. In addition, Meong Mart will also be available in Indonesian soon. And best of all, this funny farm and mart simulation game is free to play!

How to play Meong Mart
- Grow and store various types of fresh fruit and vegetables
- Adjust your farm to fit different types of plants
- Bring your fresh produce and sell it in the market
- Hire more crews to help expand the mart

Meong Mart feature
- Connect with your friends to visit or even provide assistance in their markets
- Let your daily logins be checked to get various items every day
- A mystery hidden in exploration features

Meong Mart – Cat Adventure Mod Apk (ONE HIT)