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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen Mod Apk (Upgrade Cost 0)

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen Mod Apk
Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen Mod Apk Enter the world of Masketeers, where the heroes empowered by mysterious masks stand against the demons in society.
Ending with the ball matching feature, Masketeers pushes the limits of idle games to create an intimate yet refreshing experience. Attack into the battle against the Wraith to explore new talents and strategies. Find runes and relics along the way, and even receive blessings from guards along with magical allies.

Don't get caught in the dark, grab your strength and apply it to victory - one ball at a time.

• Decorated with Strength
Masketeer can be equipped with masks and runes of various bonuses and rarities. Gather and complete them to see which works best for your battle strategy.

• Master Orbs
Chain orbs to unleash a variety of unique Masketeer attacks! Use them wisely along with other special balls to increase the strength of your team against Wraiths.

• Grow and Beyond
Through experience, rise above challenges and reach greater heights! Explore the talents, skills and strategies that enable Masketeers to shine to their full potential.

• Fortune Favors The Bold
Masketeer is never alone. Guardians, lumps, amulets, and fortune beings will bring good luck and timely assistance to them.

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen Mod Apk (Upgrade Cost 0)