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Making the Perfect Wedding Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)

Making the Perfect Wedding Mod Apk
You are a strong and independent woman who is planning a wedding for the rich and famous. You love your job, except for the fact that male clients constantly tease you. Uncomfortable encounters with men have made you skeptical about romantic ideas. One day, you received a request from your sick sister: "I want to see your marriage." You have no intention of falling in love, but you also want to make your sister happy ...

As a wedding planning expert, faking your own wedding shouldn't be a difficult task ... except that you don't have a partner! Will you rely on the men around you to make a successful marriage?

✦ Character✦
♠ Michael
Your boss, Michael, has a strong sense of responsibility and clearly, he prioritizes his work in his personal life. He seems uninterested and always maintains a professional attitude, but there may be more than he meets ...

♠ Nick
Nick is your colleague who specializes in photography. He is good at walking and produces good results at work. Because he's kind and a fluent speaker, you're afraid that he might be a little playboy - but unlike your client, he doesn't try to make you angry. That's a good thing ... isn't it?

♠ Jamie
The young owner of a famous tuxedo shop, you often see Jamie at your workplace. He is a skilled businessman, but you hear persistent rumors about his affair with many women. You and Jamie seem to be very different types of people, but you can have more in common than you think ...

Making the Perfect Wedding Mod Apk (Free Premium Choices – No Ruby Consume)