Kung Fu Attack 2 – Fist of Brutal Mod Apk (Lots of money)

Kung Fu Attack 2 – Fist of Brutal Mod Apk
Kung Fu Attack 2 – Fist of Brutal Mod Apk "Kung Fu Attack 2 - Fist of Brutal" will relive all of your nostalgic memories and allow you to relive the classic arcade strategy game where you grew up!It's not easy to be a winner in a brutal battle. Facing different enemies defeat them and knock them down from the ring. Use quick reflexes and special movements, release hard blows, hit kicks and perfect combos, defeat all opponents and become the King of Battle. "Kung Fu Attack 2 - Fist of Brutal" brings you an unprecedented combat experience!
[Game Features]
- Other Heroes: Lee, Koku (ssj, ssj2 / 3/4)
- Classic controls have been made better!
- Amazing graphics and smooth animations!
- More street fight effects that look real! Enjoy destroying your enemies!
- Arm Your Boxing, learn various skills.
- Enemy faces vary! Defeat them and take all their territories!
But don't underestimate them! They are strong road warriors. Improve your character's Health, Punch Strength, Kick Strength, and Weapon Technique for your character to defeat stronger enemies. Use punches and kicks accurately and quickly. Make timely decisions, attack enemies with punches and kicks at the right time and block enemy attacks using accuracy and speed in your actions. Use the enemy's strength to fight himself. In the sense of a real fighting game, fighting strong coherent action, you are presented with visual and sensory double enjoyment, passion and blood that continues at the same time. Raging burning! Stick to your fist and prepare for a cruel battle in the chaos of the city.

Kung Fu Attack 2 – Fist of Brutal Mod Apk (Lots of money)

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