Innocent Warrior Mod Apk

Innocent Warrior Mod Apk
Roguelike's classic pixel RPG!
In a devastated city, in an unfinished war, causing the heroes to explore the Dungeon.
Fight against evil monsters that attack you.
Difficult. Endure to the end!

● RPG simple operations like roguel that can be enjoyed with just one touch and drag
● In a world like cold roguel, one single fatal mistake will reset the game.
● Use your own growth strategy for various heroes.
● Eliminate monsters that are full of dungeons and breakthrough randomly made dungeons.
● Making coins to buy equipment from traders can make you stronger.

the mandatory use of diamonds to purchase items and get a lot of diamonds.
On the character selection interface of the game, click the box icon at the bottom right to purchase

Innocent Warrior Mod Apk

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