In Between Love & Death:Romance you choose Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices)

In Between Love & Death:Romance you choose Mod Apk
You are given a second chance in life and it is up to you to find the true meaning!

"Why is my life always so painful?"
From your childhood in an orphanage to adulthood, you know nothing but suffering in poor and unjust life.
But things change drastically when an unfortunate accident befalls you right when your life is blown to pieces.
Waking up in a strange, remote place, an enigmatic death angel proposes to you an agreement to correct an unprecedented error.

Or so he said at least ...
Will you accept the offer and get a better life for yourself?
Or are you ready to accept the door to death?

Prepare yourself for a heartbreaking journey of self-discovery and take a second chance in a meaningful life with 3 attractive male lead characters!

* Character *
Noah - The Enigmatic Grim Reaper
The first person you see in the second chance in life. Noah was never seen without a friendly smile on his face. He helps you adjust to your new life and advise you on many things.
He seems to know a lot about you but when the table is turned on, Noah avoids that question with a mysterious smile.
It doesn't take long for you to know that he holds a huge secret behind those beautiful eyes.
Will you dive into its mysterious charm long enough for it to open?

Caden - Cool Famous Actor
No. 1 actor who has been in a number of hit productions which gave him a fan base and great wealth.
But just like other celebrities, there will be scandals and drama around it. Despite his cool outward appearance, Caden is secretly a man trapped in a cage without a way out.
The desperation to escape made him drive rashly one night.
And that carelessness caused an accident to you!
Are you going to keep being cold and unforgiving towards him?
Or soften when you see hidden scars ...?

Bentley - The Aloof Socialite
As the son of a large, wealthy company, Bentley only has a taste for the best things in life. He spends his money without much care and always gets whatever he wants.
The only thing he can't get ... is you!
You will never be able to fully understand him with his hot & cold attitude. It was even surprised to find out that he was Caden's best friend.
But there are times when you can see it in a very different light.
It's almost as if he has been wearing a mask all this time ...
Will you be the one to destroy the mask and see the real Bentley?

In Between Love & Death:Romance you choose Mod Apk ( Free Premium Choices)

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