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Idle Monster TD v98 Mod Apk (Menu / DMG / Max Attack Range)

Idle Monster TD Mod Apk On Idle Monster TD - Fantasy Tower Defense, discover the fantastic world of powerful elemental monsters and high-tech military robots! Order the team of monsters to defend the homeland from the invading robot army!
In this epic fantasy tower defense idle game, you take the role of the commander of the United Monsters Alliance defense force. Your task is to manage defensive positions around several entrances to the Monster homeland. The enemy military is trying to attack the homeland with an army of evil robots. Generate resources, upgrade your monsters, open items, and stop enemies by all means!
Idle Monster TD Mod Apk

Idle Monster TD - Fantasy Tower Defense Features

Epic Tower Defense:
- Open strong elemental monsters.
- Fend off robotic forces, swarms of drones and cargo ships.
- Complete daily missions and achievements.

Idle TD gameplay
- Clicker game feature to command units with one tap.
- Offline gold income.

Epic RPG
- World and fantasy RPG classes.
- PvP tournaments are held twice a week.

Idle Monster TD v98 Mod Apk (Menu / DMG / Max Attack Range)