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Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game Mod Apk
Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game Mod Apk Take control of your new life!
Idle Life will let you explore different lifestyles!

Create your avatar and manage their important decisions to make them successful in this fantastic world. Choose a professional career, buy a house, shop, and decorate your room the way you always wanted. Place all the objects as you like and change the settings as often as possible so that you feel comfortable. Customize your home and appearance, learn how to live alone and practice your professional skills to increase your salary. Make your income grow and move to a bigger house when you are ready. Get some extra work to get more money and talk to your grandmother for help if things get tough ...


Explore all combinations to customize your avatar and choose your appearance, facial features, hairstyle, and clothing. Try them with different clothes and add them to your wardrobe, so they can dress accordingly for the event. Change their hair color if you want to attract attention to the office!


Start in a small attic and become a big homeowner thanks to your management. Go to a decoration shop and buy furniture and ornaments. You can start with a bed, TV, carpet or stylish pouf. You may need a new wall clock or sofa. Don't forget about some of the drawings and paintings, as well as the full kitchen. Build a comfortable apartment!
Move to a better house when you can afford it, and improve your object too.


Be an artist, sportsman, technologist, cook ... There are many choices to choose your new lifestyle! Start with normal work and improve your professional skills to become a leading figure in your field. Receive job promotions and ride in your company. Work hard and get a raise. Get prestige points for having better skills and better wages. Take another job to earn extra money, and buy your dream home or classy settings for your new workplace.


Take control of your avatar lifestyle and make them successful in their field. Enjoy watching them spend their days at home and using various store-bought items. See them interacting with their reality. Each character can have a different development thanks to your choice!

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)