Idle City Empire Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Idle City Empire Mod Apk
Love building? Want to build the most beautiful city of all time? In this game, you will break the record for building cafes, homes, chicken shops, banks, villas and caravan parks on your mobile or tablet! Attract friends to your city and develop a rapidly developing tourism economy. The more you play the more you will find ...

* SIMPLE & RELAXING - Tap and slide to grow your city from a caravan park into a metropolis!
* GROW without end! - Automate your city and get income continuously while you are away!
* UNIQUE RE-DEVELOPMENT - Set up new buildings on top of old ones to increase happiness and bonuses.
* FESTIVAL - Increase production by having a carnival and give free ice cream!
* TOURIST FRIENDS - Attract friends to help you grow and customize your city!
* INVEST WITH WISELY - Prove your strategy with smart decisions when to improve and develop again.
* PLAY ANYWHERE! - The best idle city simulator in the world for free to play online or offline!

Idle City Empire Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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