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I Love Hue Too Mod Apk

I Love Hue Too Mod Apk
From the makers of the beloved color puzzle game, I LOVE HUE comes I LOVE HUE TOO - a psychedelic journey into color, light, and shape.

* HARMONY - create order from chromatic chaos
* GEOMETRY - move each tile to the perfect place in a beautiful mosaic pattern
* PERCEPTION - learn to see the smallest differences between the same color
* SKILLS - push yourself with three daily challenges
* MAGIC - divine future with a completely new fortune-telling system

As in the first game, players arrange colored mosaic tiles to create a perfectly arranged spectrum. However, I LOVE HUE TOO includes more than thirty new geometric patterns to create challenges that test the mind which tests the player's perception of color and logic even further.


* Psychedelic color-based gameplay - perception and logic puzzles
* A mystical, minimalist aesthetic - a work of art that can be played
* More than 900 levels to solve
* Several game modes - lose yourself in THE DREAM or test your skills in THE DAILY DIVINATION
* Six new ambient synth soundtracks - now available during gameplay!

● Ad Free Unlock.
● Removed Debug Information.

I Love Hue Too Mod Apk