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Hunter Empire: shooting Mod Apk

Hunter Empire: shooting Mod Apk
Hunter Empire: shooting Mod Apk Welcome to the Hunter Empire: shooting The best online/offline game for free. This is an arcade game that fights in sea battles.
This is the number one action game for online multiplayer games. You can build your battleship and fight aliens with your friends.
You can build your kingdom to become the best hunter.

Your goal will be very challenging because you have to save the navy fleet from the attack of its evil enemy galaxy
In this shooting game, you will face more and more enemies in a sea battle. Don't worry, you can get the right to upgrade your spaceship/battleship/weapon to release its deadly capacity completely. Use various types of spaceship weapons to sink the enemy sea fleet and win the battle.

Fight against players from all over the world online in real-time! Build your game strategy, improve your tactics, and don't give your rivals a chance! Improve your rank and become the best hunter.

How to play:
* Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.
* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapon.

Game features:
⚓ enter
You can log in in this shooting game by logging in Facebook & Google sign in

⚓ income
You can get gold, gems by playing level campaigns, tournament battles, PVP games (online multiplayer games)

⚓ every day
Unlock daily gifts for free, search daily, collect puzzle ships to be sent completely.

⚓ play online games
Fight against players from all over the world via the internet!

⚓ rating
Win battles to increase your ranking and upgrade your spaceship/battleship to full technology.

⚓ arena
Take part in battles in the epic arena, unlock new ones, and get prizes!

Interact with players during battles with chat and emojis.

⚓ Multiplayer game mode
Choose the PVP game (online multiplayer game), single-mode, choose different levels of difficulty to play

⚓ Join tournament battles
Participate in tournaments and win trophies.

Global leaderboards
Improve your ranking and become the best hunter player on the global ranking board based on the number of your wins!

Kingdom Hunter is an RPG game with beautiful graphics and amazing effects.

Mod Menu
God Mode*
One hit kill*
Free upgrades (Include free ship)
No fuel required
No lvl requirement

NOTE: Works also in combat, you just need to get hit by 2 different enemies.

Hunter Empire: shooting Mod Apk