Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/ Gems/ Diamonds/ VIP)

Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting Mod Apk
Infection mutations have spread throughout the world. To curb this disaster, the State X Women's Agency was ordered to investigate the source of the crisis. At the same time, a whirlpool of incidents mutated, a veteran mercenary fought with mutated zombies. The disaster has destroyed his happy family and stable life. He needs revenge and find the source of the disaster then destroy it! The premise of all this is to ensure that they can survive. For a common goal, the two work together and open up an extraordinary adventure.
The inhabitants of this city have all evolved into zombies. Don't be sorry, if not, you will definitely be infected by them. Equipped with the most sophisticated weapons, arm yourself, there are no rules of survival here. Survival is the premise, and power is the law. The bullet, aim the target, pull the trigger, and show your anger to the leader behind the scenes of this mutation with the feel of a shot like a sniper!
Besides zombies, there are other special variants in this disaster. They are much stronger than the average zombie.
Self-destructive monsters - they will blow themselves up when they are close to the hero, causing a lot of damage to the hero. Be sure to aim, shoot and shoot before they approach, otherwise your safety will not be well protected.
Clown - a monster that attacks in the distance with great damage. When there are lots of zombies around, remember to give priority to resolving clown threats.
Ghosts of Prayer - incarnations of dead prayers, they can avoid bullets, the damage is high, but they move very slowly. Maintaining the sniper's instincts, shooting quickly, accurately, and decisively is the most important premise to deal with.
Old Zombie Monsters - high armor and high damage, make sure your weapons and equipment are complete and fully armed. If you meet them, it will be a fierce battle. Pay attention to your position, and make sure you survive to the end!
Be brave enough to face this invader. Build your own shooting community, challenge zombie monsters, and survive to the end in this epic horror game. For family and fight for your own beliefs. Win, you will be the hero of this world. If you fail, there will be more people who think of you as an idol and devote yourself to it. This disaster will eventually be solved and become a thing of the past!
Are you ready? Be the best shooter, survived to the end in this zombie shooting game, let this invader feel hopeless!

Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting features:
Open story mode, farewell to boring
High definition scenes, attract attention
Rich story dialogue, enter the game
Shades of perfect shooting, enhance the experience

Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/ Gems/ Diamonds/ VIP)

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