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Golf Rush Mod Apk (Always your turn)

Golf Rush Mod Apk
Experience a real mini-golf fight in the hottest golf simulator on mobile!

Grab golf clubs and challenge players around the world in Golf Rush - a 1v1 PvP multiplayer golf game! This new mini golf game will change the way you think about golf. Play PvP with friends, online PvP, 1vs1 PvP - whatever you want. Put it in the hole with a small golf stroke and win a mini-golf championship!

Challenge other players in real-time 1v1 PvP online mode!
⟹ Play mini-golf matches on various levels such as wild west, pirate island, or countryside!
⟹ Aim carefully - don't let the wind fool you!
⟹ Avoid obstacles such as trap doors, trains or waterfalls!
⟹ Get social and talk with others about their golf search at the Golfers Hub!

Choose your equipment and become a golf master!
⟹ Collect and upgrade golf equipment!
⟹ Choose different golf clubs and balls for each putt.
⟹ Unlock professional golf kits with crazy fans and win every game of golf.
⟹ Battle for hundreds of new clubs, balls, putters, and upgrades!

Participate in leagues and tournaments!
⟹ Every win makes you higher in the global ranking.
⟹ Limited time events make you compete with other golfers to get special prizes!
⟹ Qualify for the Golf Masters championship to become a new mini golf hero!

Play the mini-golf battle game in the simplest way. In Golf Rush, it's easier to jump straight into the mini-golf game. Simply launch this golf application, choose a multiplayer arena, and when you find your golf rival ... do putt! Pat! Golf your way! No need to be a professional golfer - this game is easy to learn, but difficult to master!

Shoot a golf shot. It's easier than ever: slide and release to hit the ball with the golf club and make the perfect putt. Shoot carefully, try to get as many stars as possible, given the weather conditions! Simple Bogey is perhaps the most difficult - like real golf!

Compete with other golfers in the 1vs1 game. Connect with golfers from all over the world and beat them on the various levels offered by this mini multi-golf game. Try to make a scourge in the Countryside, hit trick shot on the Wild West map and use your skills to win a golf battle match at the complicated Pirate level. The best PvP game!

This is a trap! Every level of this addictive game is filled with boosters and traps. Speed ​​up your golf punch in the turbo box; try firing directly through a dark warehouse or making it safer but longer walking around it. Purpose? Putt hole in one with golf films!

Real gold fever begins! Win PvP duels, get gold, diamonds and unlock new items: new levels, new golf clubs, balls, drivers, upgrades ... Get fancy booty and play higher like in the best golf betting game! Become a mini-golf master like no other golf game!

Dueling golf has never been so interesting. Play with friends or challenge other players in the top 1v1 games online. Whether it's just a golf friendly match, one of the 1v1 league matches, a PvP match from the weekly Golf Masters tournament or smaller events such as Mini Gold Rush, Tee Times, and Putt-Putt, Golf Rush gives you a real mini-golf sensation that is rarely found in other sports games. Mini golf with friends can turn into the best golf game ever!

Note: Make sure to turn on MOD from the mod menu when it is your turn, and it will always remain your turn then. It works best when you begin the turn first, then it always remains your turn. Sometimes in the game, the opponent or may have the last shot after you or your opponent pars. If that happens there is no work out you will lose, but if you have the last chance to do the par after your opponent has done it, then turn on the mod and then collect many stars and then par, if you have more stars than your opponent you will win.

Golf Rush Mod Apk (Always your turn)