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Fox Family – Animal Simulator 3d v1.0801 Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COIN, MEAT/NO ADS)

Fox Family – Animal Simulator 3d Mod Apk Create your own fox and go on an adventure. Large locations with forests, rivers, fields, and agriculture are available for research. Hunt animals, make families, increase your fox and your family members. Perform different tasks and become stronger. Find out what it means to be a fox in the new Fox Family 3d animal simulator.

Customize the appearance of the fox you want. There are several types of skin to choose from: snow fox, dark fox, red fox, fennec fox, South African fox. You can adjust the fox's magical light to make the animal look more impressive. In addition, all parameters of the fox have been set: the thickness of legs, tail, neck, size of abdomen, nose, cheeks, eyes.

You can make a family if you find another fox. When you make a family and become an experienced fox, you will be able to produce babies. Your family can help you in fighting and hunting. There are opportunities to improve family character. To do this, it is necessary to hunt and collect food to feed children and wives (husbands, for female characters) in the future.

The game has the ability to improve the individual characteristics of family members and the characteristics that affect all the foxes in the family at once. Don't forget to increase the character! Get experience doing tasks and hunting. After receiving a level, the character can spend it on points of attack, energy or life. There are also special skills that allow you to increase speed, collect more food, get more resources for action in the game, etc.

On your journey, you will meet many different creatures. For example, on a farm, you can meet chickens, chickens, chickens, cows, goats, rams, sheep, cats, dogs, pigs, horses and, of course, people. In the forest, besides peace-loving deer, boars, foxes, goats, and sheep, you can meet dangerous predators - wolves, snakes, and even big spiders! But don't worry, the brave fox will overcome it!

In this vast open world, you can travel with your family along with forests, agriculture, rivers, and fields.

You play for a very smart fox! You can do various quests to get experience and coins for improvement. There are characters in the world who can give you a search. Quests can be very different. Maybe you need to hunt or go to the forest to look for mushrooms!

Fox Family – Animal Simulator 3d v1.0801 Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COIN, MEAT/NO ADS)