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Esports King Mod Apk (dumb enemy/ always win)

Esports King Mod Apk
Esports King Mod Apk Esports King puts the epic role of Pro Esports Manager in your hands. Build, manage and lead an elite team of esports players on a journey of a lifetime! Incredible management simulations await in the extraordinary world of competitive shooter esports games.
An amazingly deep and fun casual esports, Esports King presents all the epic pleasures of the tactical action PVP esports league, without all the disappointments and suffering of real-life politics, hackers and noobs. If you have ever wanted to see what it's like to be the owner and manager of your own pro esports player group, Esports King is the best management simulation for you. Find, recruit, lead, and think of tactics as you lead your best players up the competitive esports ladder to victory and fame.

Find out. Recruit. Train. As a manager and owner of a professional esports sports team, you will be responsible for finding and recruiting the best pro sports shooters from around the world to compete in intense shooter battles. Esports King is the only management simulation game where you will be able to find well-known regional esports professionals to recruit. Supervise and recruit only the best players for your team and turn them into epic champions.

Your home is your castle, and your headquarters is yours to adjust. As your extraordinary team grows, so does your headquarters. This fully customizable game paradise will accommodate your pro players as they drill, train and prepare to climb competitive esports leagues. From sofas and tables to vending machines and epic game stations, you can build the best esports game paradise that suits your PVP champions.

Take command, and manage your team. Make champions of the game from your players at home and command them tactically in an extraordinary team shooter battle in competitive leagues! You have trained and trained your esports players for this game, and now you have to decide on tactics and strategies that will lead your team to the highest victory.

Pre-planning and an in-depth understanding of your team's strengths, weaknesses, and key roles will lead your team to a final victory. In this simulated battle, your tactics, your players, and your decisions will win.

Only the best can win. As your team manager and owner, you must do everything you can to ensure that only the best esports players are included in the intense PVP shooter battle competition. After each game, there are MVPs and feeders - what you do with them is up to you. Drill your best players and rank them by consuming the weak ones.
Your player is a champion. You are their manager. Together, you will become king.

Main feature:
- Experience the latest esports management simulation on your mobile
- Become the most powerful manager and owner in the competitive league
- Find and recruit exceptional pro esports from all over the world
- Train, drill, and rank your champions
- Build and customize the ultimate gaming HQ esports
- Be tactical and use your team's Assaulter, Specialist and Tanker roles strategically
- Bring your champions to intense PVP shooter battles
- Live an extraordinary esports life as a team owner

Esports King Mod Apk (dumb enemy/ always win)