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Epic Pets: Match 3 story with fashion animals Mod Apk (Unlimited Boosters/ Unlocked LVL7)

Epic Pets: Match 3 story with fashion animals Mod Apk
Epic Pets: Match 3 story with fashion animals Mod Apk
Who are the magical pets?
Why are they so friendly?
Where are they from?
And why do they look so funny and epic ?!

The Magic Academy intends to find answers to these questions and finally solve the mystery of the magical pets. Nigel Forester and his friends will help the Academy. They planned a great adventure, full of danger, interesting discoveries, and a secret search. And they will find, save, and save all the cute royal pets!

This game doesn't need a permanent connection to the Internet! Wi-Fi is not required.
This puzzle is adapted for adults and children!

The main features of the game are suitable:

- Fun, funny and exotic 3D magic wildlife animals with their own unique characters and appearance;
- Many options to customize the appearance of a pet! Decorate pets and choose your own clothing style for cats, make dragons look fashionable and stylish or just use clothes to change the style of your puppy;
- A large collection of accessories and decorations that make your exotic pets more fun and funny 😉
- Many diverse and dynamic triple row levels, where you can use strong bonuses and the pet's ability to destroy all obstacles. 3 levels of lines and interesting mystery quests that won't bore you with pet cage games;
- Animal friendly: Magic Cat (cat), Husky Dog (puppy), Dragon, Lumenbaum (Fantastic wild animal), etc. Each virtual pet has a unique 3D model, a series of abilities and decorations.
- Outstanding jewels and jewels in three in the row field. Exchange gems and jewels for fun !;
- Animal houses can also be customized. You can choose different decorations to make a beautiful and comfortable home scape for your happy animal. Give it back and decorate it. There are various locations such as tropical islands, big mountains, pine forests and even great castles, available in the game!
- The melodious soundtrack will immerse you in an atmosphere of mystery and natural life;
- And of course, a real match-3 adventure story! You will find out what really happened in this world, where did that magical pet come from, who was chasing Nigel and what the Academy really did! Join the best new matching game!

What you can do in the game:
- full 3d game match 3 experience for free;
- Save and play match-3 with animals that are fun !;
- Train and raise your pets to make them a stronger team in the Kingdom;
- The best features of game mode with 3D animals;
- Build, decorate and renovate animal homes. This is also a puzzle design story;
- Match gems and solve fun 3d puzzles, move magic tiles, new bonuses and get prizes;
- Become a part of the mystery story and become a best friend for the magical animals;
- Play the game of kittens and puppies, run with Lumenbaum and fly with Hippo and become the best pet savior in the Fantastic Kingdom.

Join the 3D puzzle game!
Play 3 games in a row for free! It does not require an online option.

Epic Pets: Match 3 story with fashion animals Mod Apk (Unlimited Boosters/ Unlocked LVL7)