Empires and Allies Mod Apk

Empires and Allies Mod Apk
Welcome to Empires & Allies, a critically acclaimed military-modern strategy game that puts army weapons today at your fingertips, in the battle for world domination.

-PROTECT MODERN WAR WEAPONS from tactical nuclear and hellfire missiles to orbital attacks.
BUILD IN WAR FACTORIES and craft all-new weapons plus epic ion cannons, stealth generators, nest air-med drones, and more ...
-BATTLE IN ALLIANCE WAR with up to 100 other players as your alliance struggles to rule the world.
-DESIGN ARMY DESIGN YOU from today's military armory with battle-hardened tanks, spider drones, helicopters and more.
DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS provide increasingly difficult scenarios that mimic the uncertainty of warfare.
- SAVE THE WORLD from GRA, an evil terrorist organization, and defend your territory from other players

One hit
Free Atk Cost
Next target cost
Only enemy main building you will be able to do ONE HIT not others, attack cost will be 1 and next target cost will be 1

Empires and Allies Mod Apk

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