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Dystopia : Modern Empires Mod Apk

Dystopia : Modern Empires Mod Apk
Make friends and rival opponents all over the world, form families and build your mafia empire!

Load your weapons and begin your journey in the hottest AAA MMO real-time strategy game 2020. Build an empire, collect weapons, and form families.
This is a game about MONEY. POWER. and family. You need all three to survive. Taste strength, loyalty, and victory while making friends and enemies along the way.
Plan your moves, outsmart enemies, chat with friends, build cities, collect weapons, and dominate the line of evil!
The battle for power has begun, JOIN NOW!

Dystopia : Modern Empires FEATURES

◇ CHAT! Chat with millions of players around the world. Make new friends!
◇ WEAPONS! Collect real weapons, upgrade and use them in battle!
◇ BATTLES! Epic real-time strategy fight!
◇ FAMILY! Form or join a family with friends and together grow your influence and destroy rivals!
◇ STRATEGY! Show your type of player! Play aggressively, play safe or play smart. Dominate or be destroyed!
◇ AAA! The best graphics in the genre are combined with excellent storylines.
◇ WAKE UP! Build your empire, plan hundreds of strategies to surprise your rivals.

– Instant Unit Recruitment
– Massive Hero damage increase
– Enemy Buildings do not attack
– Spoofs post-battle data to avoid detection.

Dystopia : Modern Empires Mod Apk