Dungeon iDoll Mod Apk (A lot of rubies)

Dungeon iDoll Mod Apk
★ Game Introduction ★
An adventure story 'Battle Idols' that defeated the demons that attack humans and they attack demons.

An infinite game with unlimited breakthroughs of fantasy actions that can watch, enjoy and grow automatically

★ Dungeon iDoll Features ★
Easy and fun action game without complicated operations.
It grows automatically even when the game is not played.
Many fighting idols have clear personalities and characteristics
It is possible to adjust battle formation to maximize teamwork with the role of each idol.
Hunt for big bosses and gather gears to prepare strong gears to be stronger.
Play against other users' idol teams in Arena! Challenge the world's best ranking!

Dungeon iDoll Mod Apk (A lot of rubies)

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