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Dribble Hoops Mod Apk (Upgrade with stars)

Dribble Hoops Mod Apk
Dribble hoop is the first-person basketball experience you've been waiting for.

+ Drag your finger to move.
+ Release to jump, Tap to shoot.
+ Tap inside the dunking zone to dunk.
+ Tap in the right place for the Power Dunk!
+ High scores and improve your skills.

Dribble hoops start easily so that anyone can play,
and master all skills.
AI develops over time so be prepared for a

See all bonus levels for more fun:

+ Long shot
+ Trickshot
+ Successive shots

... And cool new features are added all the time!
Get it now and have fun !!!

Dribble Hoops Mod Apk (Upgrade with stars)