Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game Mod Apk (Unlimited coins)

Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game Mod Apk
Control the big dragon in the new dragon life simulator! Choose the dragon you will choose. Use the destructive power of fire, ice, nature, or air. The biggest and most terrible predator cannot be compared in strength to a dragon. The dragon can face an entire city of people. The bravest man will attack your dragon. However, a dragon with the help of its breath and large tail can quickly defeat its enemies and destroy their homes and strongholds. Dragons will also be opposed by more formidable opponents such as large golems, trolls, demons, and other creatures. Gradually, the dragon will become stronger and stronger. When a dragon grows, it will have its own dragon clan and nest.

Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game Features:
 Choose your dragon element.
 Dragons can destroy almost anything on the map.
 Complete various searches.
 A large 3D world with several islands.
 Warriors will attack dragons with swords, bows, and magic!
 Create a dragon clan.
 The dragon and its mate grow, increasing in size and strength.
 In your lair, your dragon will collect the most valuable and rare treasures from all over the world.
 Improve the appearance and skin of the dragon.
 Fight with other big creatures.
 Dragon customization
 Day / night cycle

Dragon Simulator 3D: Adventure Game Mod Apk (Unlimited coins)

Note: Get them after completing the tutorial

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