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Dentures and Demons Mod Apk (Unlock all paid levels under “Extra contents”)

Dentures and Demons Mod Apk
Dentures and Demons Mod Apk
PEGI 16 Warning:
This game contains sarcasm, black humor, and other annoying things. Ignore this game if you are easily offended!

This game has some bad languages.
The game has 1 in-app purchase, which is explained below.



"Strange things happen at Varedze ...",
this is clear to everyone who has grown up around here.

Mountains, forests, and lakes can lead you astray if you are an unwary stranger free from everyday stress.

There's something creepy in the air, far from the stereotypical quiet suburbs ...

Dentures and Demons is a pixelated graphic adventure that combines fun and sensation.

Enjoy the funny - and sometimes incorrect - Zinger's protagonist.

Hold your breath and give dark secrets, step by step, level by level.

Follow Detective Junior Peexelated to investigate dangerous sect cases, in a series of actions and mysteries.

Will you stop the wave of killings, or will you be a victim of this city?

Test your intelligence, your reflexes, and your patience to solve the puzzle and complete the story.

Game Information:

- Graphic adventure flavored with puzzles and arcade moments
- Several different scenarios
- Hidden achievements
- Character-rich scenes, dialogues, and interactions, fun by point-and-click fans
- Story mode consisting of 6 chapters
- Additional content packages that can be purchased, which also removes advertisements (€ 1,20 + VAT)
- Currently available in English and Italian

Extra content:
Short director cuts,
point and click mini-game,
3 arcade mini-games.

Behind the scenes:

One day, a boring ERP programmer decided to be more stupid than before, so he created this video game.

In a world that is increasingly politically correct, is there room for questionable irony?

In an increasingly high-definition world, is there room for pixelated images to be handmade?

In increasingly ... Well, no one will read until now.

D & D: the game you've been waiting for.

Dentures and Demons Mod Apk (Unlock all paid levels under “Extra contents”)