Demon Princess Marie Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Hearts/Keys)

Demon Princess Marie Mod Apk
◆ Story ◆
A warrior who was practicing soaking his lips from a secret fountain he found by chance, he was trapped in indestructible magic with Marie who was the daughter of the demon king.

In the endless threat of assassins sent by the demon king, how long can that warrior last?

He needs your help to overcome all difficulties and get his heart!

◆ Game Features ◆
- Beautiful 3D battles with one simple tap and click.
- Train warriors and Marie so they can face strong enemies.
- Master more than 30 magic and runes Marie.
- Prove the limit by turning back time and collecting Marie's various prizes.
- Challenge the Demon King Tower and make various weapons.
- Even when you don't play, Marie hunts down your enemies, not you.
- You can collect various clothes from Marie and wear them.
- Collect seeds and make flowers, and give to Marie.
- Collect cute pets.

Demon Princess Marie Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Hearts/Keys)

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