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Deer Simulator – Animal Family Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COIN, LEAVES/NO ADS)

Deer Simulator – Animal Family Mod Apk There are many dangerous animals in the forest. Everything is dangerous for your deer. Therefore, deer need to learn how to survive in the forest and help their friends. In this game, you can make a family, raise children, and equip your home.

You can make a family if you find a partner. When your character gets a high enough level, you will be able to have children. Children grow and help you in your struggle to survive in the jungle and in your adventures. Don't forget to take care of your family members and feed them.

The deer can visit his house. There is an opportunity to improve the house by buying various items. Each item gives a bonus with deer characteristics.
Deer Simulator – Animal Family Mod Apk

Adjust the appearance of the animal you want. You can choose from a variety of skins, magic signs, freckles, and funny hats. To make it look as cool as possible, adjust the skin to your consort and your children.

To survive in the jungle, you must use all the possibilities! Get experience by doing tasks, defending yourself against other animals and collecting food. After receiving a level, the character can spend experience on attack points, energy or life. There are also special skills that allow you to increase animal speed, gather more food, get more resources for action in the game, etc.

On your journey, you will see many different creatures. In the forest, there are various predators and herbivores. Sometimes more dangerous creatures come to the forest. You must be prepared to protect your family from the attacks of wolves, cougars, snakes and even knights! The villages are inhabited by humans and pets - chickens, roosters, cows, pigs, cats, dogs, etc.

A wide-open world with fields, forests, mountains, gardens, and villages is available for research.

Participate in various tasks. You will participate in races, pass agility tests, help other people and animals, etc.

Many characters can provide unusual tasks that require your skills and ingenuity. Get ready for anything!

In addition to basic tasks, deer can get achievements for various actions in the game.

Deer Simulator – Animal Family Mod Apk (UNLIMITED COIN, LEAVES/NO ADS)