Crazy Alien Wars Mod Apk (Infinite diamond)

Crazy Alien Wars Mod Apk
Alert! Alert! The alien invasion has begun! Earth is under attack!
Ever wanted to take over planet Earth? Feel what it's like to be an alien invader? Abduct people for secret experiments or destroy cities to show the world who really rules the universe?
Then welcome to Space Bump! Destroy buildings, kidnap all living things, and spread chaos on your UFO! The more you kidnap, the bigger you grow. And the bigger you are, the bigger things you can kidnap!
But be careful! Never trust a fellow alien! They also want to rule the earth, and if they become bigger than you, they will swallow you all up! Be Careful! Don't be kidnapped!
Sounds easy? Too bad you are almost out of time! The invasion only lasts 2 minutes, so hurry up! The clock is ticking!

Crazy Alien Wars Mod Apk (Infinite diamond)

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