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Crafty Town – Merge City Kingdom Builder Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Crafty Town – Merge City Kingdom Builder Mod Apk
Crafty Town – Merge City Kingdom Builder Mod Apk New city building & strategy game! 🏡🌲The latest strategy is here! If you want to build a city or rule your own kingdom, do it now! Here you can build a house and turn it into the biggest castle in your kingdom! If you like building, medieval games and strategy - and I think you like it - you will have fun playing it! Play the new empire builder absolutely free! Make your Empire great!

Crafty Town – Merge City Kingdom Builder Feature:

City Games | Juegos de ciudad |
Build and develop your first city, build more homes. Make money to develop your village and build a new city. Turn the smallest house in your village into the biggest palace of your kingdom! Enjoy city development playing one of the best city games now!

Strategy Games | Juegos de estrategia |
Every house gives you income. Your income depends on the size of your construction. Large castles give you more money. Upgrade your building to get more money. Make money and build a city, become a king and try to rule the whole kingdom! If you like strategy games, you will love this new strategy!

Kingdom Builder | Juegos de construir ciudades |
Help your citizens build cities. Think about how to strategically place the house to maintain the growth of your village. There is no limit to imagination! Upgrade your building, extend the city limits, integrate the city into the kingdom.
Build a city! Make your kingdom great! The newest royal builder is here!

Manage Economy | Estrategia |
Do you like the strategy? Become a true strategist! Upgrade your house and castle to get gold! Manage resources strategically, improve your construction, get money. Create a home for your citizens, place markets and sawmills, explore new lands and territories, and turn your city into the biggest empire on the planet! Try to manage the economy of your medieval cities and entire kingdom!

Empire Games | Juegos de Imperio |
Expand your country and open more cities. Discover and develop new land, send caravans with resources, build castles, get money. Expand your empire by land. Enjoy home building and medieval games!

Idle Clicker | Additional
Do you like idle incremental games? Tap a house to make money, tap repeatedly! Just tap and expand your kingdom! Your empire continues to grow even when you are offline. Try the best idle clicker now!

FREE Medieval Game | Juegos Medievales |
Are you ready to make something special? Enjoy building games and strategies for FREE! Build a city and rule your kingdom!

Play idle clicker games and build new cities, craft and build the city of your dreams and rule your own kingdom! Upgrade your castle! One of the best medieval games is waiting for you! Free to play!

Crafty Town – Merge City Kingdom Builder Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)