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Cops N Robbers 2 Mega Mod Apk

Cops N Robbers 2 Mega Mod Apk
This time we bring a completely new experience for every CNR fan. The new big island prison - "West Pacific Jail" is here, waiting for your adventure. New game settings, new props & craft systems ... Most importantly, new roles - spies added to "Cops N Robbers".

Cops N Robbers 2 Features
# Big map - "West Pacific Jail": indoor and outdoor areas, prisons, forests, islands, ships ...
# Roleplaying: Cop, Robber and Spy.
# Props & Craft Systems: 40+ props (weapons, armor ...), craft a few props to help you get out of prison.
# New role - Spy: hiding in robbers, secretly support the police. To maintain identity, spies need to complete tasks assigned by the system. Robbers need to find out who the spy is by choosing.
# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support, 5 regions available - EU, AU, US, ASIA, JP
# Horde: there are hordes in the forest outside, you can collect some items from it.
# Starvation value: Affects walking speed & attack damage.
# "Honor Rules": cheating & cheating & betrayal.
# Stable server & optimized network.
# Video Recording: supports Kamcord video recording.

*** regulations
# Besides the robbers there is one police officer and one spy.
# The police tell the robbers what they have to do: go to the dining hall to eat, go to the bathroom, go to the library ...
# Robbers must obey and do what the police say, or be punished!
# Robber Mission: Compliance & Betrayal (find a way to escape from prison then all robbers win)
# Cop Mission: Manage all the robbers & make sure no one escapes from prison in a limited time!
# Spy mission: Complete system tasks to maintain identity. Help the police to monitor all robbers, meanwhile avoid identity being revealed.

-God Mode
-Instant Kill
-No Hunger
-No Fall Damage
-Infinite Coins
-Infinite Items
-Super Jump

Cops N Robbers 2 Mega Mod Apk