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Cooking Challenge Mod Apk

Cooking Challenge Mod Apk
Cooking Challenge is a unique blend of cooperative multiplayer with cooking time managers. The chef will get and prove their skills in complicated cooking shows.

Progress through cooking schools to restaurants and governing kitchens during charming cooking shows.

Divide the assignment between you and your partner to become the most skilled and most respected chef in the cooking world.

Master the challenges of cooking to the highest level and cook your own path to victory!

Cooking Challenge Features:
• Multiplayer Synchronization co-op mode: users have the opportunity to play with friends, random players or bots
• Control characters instantly to perform complex tasks and tame the ever-increasing cooking challenges
• Work together for common goals; the level can be played back several times, if desired, to achieve the maximum score with your cooking crew
• Divide tasks and master the kitchen: players must fulfill many tasks by dividing them among themselves
• Sudden game-changer mechanics: teleportation of characters and random food generators will cause cooking frenzy and test your adaptability and cooperation to the core
• Beautiful 3D graphics and rich animated characters
• Dress up, chef: the visual customization feature offers various options to personalize your character and express your personality

Customer Never Leave
Customers will never leave and will always be happy.
Note: If the game gives you an advertising ID error then please play this game on a parallel space app.

Install Steps:
Download SAI in play store
Open the App and hit the blue button you see “Install APKs”
Navigate to the zip file that you just downloaded, and select the .apks file that you just downloaded.
Select the file and hit the “Select” blue button you see on the bottom right of your screen
The APK will start installing
You will receive a popup saying the APP has been installed. You can either open from right there or go to your home screen to open the game.

Cooking Challenge Mod Apk